Infusion Resources

The following resources may aid your practice in documenting the patient's infusion with REMICADE® (infliximab).

Alternate Site of Care Letter Template

This letter template can be used by the infusing site to establish communication protocols with the prescribing physician to ensure continuity of care. The infusing site may record infusion information then fax it to the prescribing physician for their records.

Billing Guide for REMICADE®

This guide is intended to help healthcare providers and billing staff understand third-party reimbursement for infusible drugs and the services by which they are administered. Specifically, this guide presents general coverage, coding and payment information relevant to the sites of care in which infusible drugs are administered, and references resources for additional help.

Infusion Record for REMICADE®

This template document will help you manage patient infusions.

May 18, 2015