References Introduction

The content on this page is a resource for physicians, practice managers, and their staff. To manage a medical practice, you need certain tools, like coding and billing materials, details about payers, and prescribing information. Whether you have an established practice or you are just starting, these resources can help you and your staff.

Medicare Announcements. This section contains a variety of pertinent articles related to Medicare, billing, electronic forms, and health care.

Practice Resources. This section contains forms that may be helpful in tracking your practice's inventory of REMICADE®, policies for key payers you work with, important telephone numbers, and a sample business associate contract.

Infusion Resources. Here, you will find help with documenting infusion visits as well as a tool to track infusions with REMICADE®.

These are just some of the resources you can use to help your practice manage therapy with REMICADE®. This is not an all-inclusive compilation of resources. You should talk to others within your office, hospital, or specialty association to see if there are additional tools that can help you in managing your practice.

January 1, 2014